Pharmaceutical Contract Research Services for Pre-Clinical Drug Development

Project Details

Biomodels was founded in 1997 and works with pharmaceutical companies providing contract research services for pre-clinical drug development. Biomodels was struggling on various levels when it came to their website. The site was built on an outdated CMS system. Because of this, the Biomodels team had an issue creating and update content when they wanted. The data was static. The team had to manually update the content in multiple areas across the website.


To make matters worse, they were working with a 3rd party who controlled access to the content, making the updating and adding content issue more frustrating with even longer delays. The website wasn’t responsive. When it came to generating leads, the website lacked the desirable design and user flow to engage with their targer audience. More importantly, the site lacked the ease of use when it came to user-experience for pharmaceutical companies trying to locate the right partners for their research. All of these elements were negatively impacting their business. 


WDB started the project by talking with stake holders about the company’s business goals to make sure that the website goals were aligned. We interviewed current and past clients on what were some of the issues they were facing when navigating the Biomodels website.


From the discovery process we established a positive and user-friendly funnel that would encourage users to engage with the website.  Now users could easily find what they were looking for within a clean, crisp modern design. Focusing on capabilities, services, webinars and publications, Biomodels provided more relevant content for users to digest and a clear call to action to connect.


We built the website on a strong CMS system of Drupal which gave their internal team the long awaited ability to create and update the website content on their own with ease when they needed to. The website was designed to be responsive and after launching the website, Biomodels saw ten times the amount of leads year over year. The website continues to generate new clients and has given Biomodels more visibility within their industry. 

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