Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics, Anzo Suite enables non-technical users to service their own data collection and reporting needs using Excel and a web browser.

Project Details

Cambridge Semantics is an enterprise analytics and data management software company. Like many IT companies that deal with big data and advanced technology, they have a hard time describing what they do to people outside their industry. In order to reach potential clients they needed to improve their website’s searchability.


Most importantly, as technologists obsessed with big data, they wanted to better track information on their own site to understand their own customers behaviors.


With a view into the future, they needed a site that would grow as the industry changed and allow them to understand and meet the changing needs of their customers in real time.


We worked closely with the Cambridge Semantics team to really understand the unique relationship they have with their B2B clients. We reorganized the site to make it easier to find the most important information, we put the products and features that were most valuable front-and-center and created a clear path for customers doing their initial research for an IT partner, to signing the final contract.


While the website is simple and elegant - it’s the heavy-lifting backend that made this project a huge success. With a strong SEO strategy and a sleek responsive design, the site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. It quickly became a useful sales tool and began attracting more clients and converting more prospects into partners. Our developers developed an integration with Hubspot’s robust tracking system so that every part of the site captures valuable data that Cambridge Semantics can use to inform their business decisions.


Website Conversions up

Organic Traffic up

Bounce rate decreased to

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