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Crane Merchandising Systems. Automatic merchandising vending equipment manufacturer.

Project Details

We love solving big problems. So when Crane Merchandising Systems, a leader in the vending machine technology industry, reached out to create a client portal that allows their customers an easy place to monitor and manage their vending businesses, we got excited for the challenge.


They needed everything from research, design and custom-build on a robust private client system. The efficient system would need to streamline the workflow online to allow clients access to their services while they were on the road and in the field. It needed to be a robust backend platform with a simple interface to easily manage their businesses online.


During the discovery process we focused on understanding the intricacies of their software product and analyzed how customers use the features and benefits during client interviews. We hosted focus groups which became a focal point for our development process. These in-depth conversations helped us better understand industry challenges and define product features that truly solved a customer pain point.


During the design process we created over 200 wireframes to envision each step of the user's journey. As a result we created a very functional and user friendly customer portal that both increased efficiency and greatly improved the user experience.


Crane Merchandising Systems increased their market share by 19%. As of November 2014 the portal was used by over 4000 customers who manage over 15,000 vending machines remotely.

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