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7 Essential Tips on How to Use Facebook for Business

7 Essential Tips on How to Use Facebook for Business

In many ways, Facebook is not only a social media site, it is the social media site. The number of people with Facebook accounts dwarfs the number of users on any other social media site including Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is also the ideal place to connect with customers both locally and all over the globe. You can also use it to reach out to your existing customers and help entice brand new business. Keep in mind certain tips that can help you use this site even more effectively.

A Well Designed Page

You not only need a Facebook page for your business, you also need one that is well designed. If you own a restaurant, posting professionally taken photographs of your famous dishes can bring in more customers and bring you to the attention of critics. Your page should help people feel comfortable once they look at it. Make it as personal as possible. Creating a site that is full of charming details about your business you know customers will like including links to any favorable reviews on Yelp or Google.

Frequent Updates

Facebook is a great place to blog and reach out to your customers. Post updates at least every other day to bring people in. An update can be local news that pertains to your business directly. This can also be a short bio of one of your employees and pictures of their family. Offer posts about subjects pertaining to your business such as the best way to plant spring flowers in a backyard garden if you own a florist shop. Do a series where you post something every single day for a week on a given topic your visitors might enjoy.

Partner With Other Sites

Like other pages and let them know you’ve done so privately. They’ll help bring visitors to your site while you do the same for them. Consider a cross promotion with a business similar to your own. For example, pair with a daycare center if you own a children’s clothing business.

Respond to Questions

If you get questions or compliments about your business, this is the perfect place to respond to your readers. Thank customers for their patronage. Welcome their constructive criticism with humor and humility. Be memorable.

Set a Budget

For as little as five dollars, you can often double your reach when you put up a post. A sponsored post can help you highlight important things such as an upcoming sale or other special offers.

Be Aware of the Site’s Limitations

Use Facebook in conjunction with other social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Also be aware that speaking with an actual person at Facebook is extremely difficult. Any problems you have may take time to resolve.

You Need a Website

A Facebook page for your business is vital in today’s world. You should also have a website that you can link to on the your page that will rank in a Google search for your services. The website should be an expansion of your business with a great many more details than the user can see on your Facebook page. Think of Facebook the entrance to your business. Your website is the real place where you promote your company.

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