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Healthcare Marketing and Medical Practice Management Platform Hi5 Overview

Healthcare Marketing and Medical Practice Management Platform Hi5 Overview

Digital transformations are happening all over the healthcare industry. While most large hospitals and centers can engage in sweeping reforms, most small to medium practices lack the funding, administrative support, and rising demand for patients’ time to implement complex digital systems.

There are many solutions that help physicians turned business owners navigate the complexities of client engagement, building relationships, and fostering loyalty. But often there is no direction or too many offers for different systems that work independently of each other.

It is true that running a successful practice requires more than just scripts and treatment plans. But how can a small or medium-sized practice benefit from digitization? More importantly, will the process break the bank?

The short answer is, there is no short answer. Investing in your practice should never be a quick fix but a thoughtful, actionable step into creating a streamlined, efficient practice.

But you need tools

The goal is to create a seamless patient-centric experience before, during, and after a visit. Everything now is about quality patient engagement that ultimately leads to patient loyalty and practice growth. According to Bain & Company, businesses can grow revenues between 4% and 8% above their market when prioritizing better customer service experiences. Do you remember your pediatrician? What was memorable about those visits? The games or the candy? This is almost similar. No one wants to leave the doctor feeling awful. Quite the opposite.

Part of the answer is WDB Agency’s digital solution platform Hi5; Hi5 is redefining the way small to medium practices tackle the digital landscape. With an array of cutting-edge features designed to elevate your business. Hi5 stands as the ultimate solution for efficiency, engagement, and growth. At its core, Hi5 presents four indispensable pillars that form the backbone of its functionality: power call, smart chatbot, reputation management, and the patient relationship engine, which we will detail later. The core purpose of Hi5 is to function as an ecosystem that adapts to your overall needs.

The need for a comprehensive digital ecosystem is high, especially in healthcare and other life sciences. Our recent article, A Guide to Digital Transformation — Revolutionizing the Life Sciences Industry breaks down some of the changes happening on a macro level which can be applied to practices for almost any size.

If you are asking, what’s really in this for me? Then, let’s add some more. You are saving time and money through consolidated tools. Approaching any digital transformation can become overwhelming, especially for practices that are new or revamping processes and systems. Hi5 allows for enhanced productivity and streamlined operations while improving patient experience and satisfaction.

But let’s get into some of the details for you.

The Almighty Dashboard

The Hi5 dashboard is central and streamlined for optimal control. The user-friendly interface allows for managing different aspects of your digital process. From behind the scenes with managing appointments, to communicating with patients through various points of contact. The dashboard also features monitoring, payments, analytics, and performance tracking. This is an all-in-one home for all the tools you need to see a picture of your practice, digitally.

So, What Are The Key Features?

Power Call

While phone calls are a highly preferred method of communication, a missed call is bound to happen. A study showed that 76% of consumers preferred contact by telephone. But most practices experience a high volume of calls throughout the day, at times to their detriment. Sequence Health noted that a missed call can impact your reputation, patient outcomes, time, and growth.

So, how can you combat the incidence or increase of missed calls in your practice?

Hi5’s most prominent feature is power call. This allows you to never miss another call, thereby increasing opportunities for your practice. Powercall is a user-friendly automated phone secretary, designed to enhance your practice’s effectiveness by reaching back out to potential patients who have called your business. This feature enables swift and automated texting in response to missed calls, ensuring that you seize every opportunity to engage with potential patients during their critical moments of need.

Smart Chatbot

Instant communication is an essential tool for any business. Outside of emergencies, patients requiring an immediate connection may opt for a chat system. More practices are optimizing their services by allowing patients and potential patients the opportunity to get information easily without having to search their entire website.

As HubSpot puts it, “Modern consumers want easy-to-navigate, honest information. They want to engage with your business on their own terms. They want their problems to be solved quickly and completely.”

While that is a simple enough feature to add, the Hi5 smart chatbox feature is tailored to provide specific answers to the issues your patients may encounter. Most importantly, they will have the opportunity to set an appointment directly from the chat.

Streamlined Patient Communication

Hi5 platform easily integrates with forms, SMS, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Messages from all these platforms arrive in one single stream where you can respond directly to your patients to set up appointments, send links to a resource, and much more.

Patient Relation Engine (PRE)

There is value in seeing the big picture and adding customer relationship management (CRM) is an efficient way to maximize patient engagement. Known as a patient relation engine at Hi5, this tool keenly manages patient interaction and lead generation, integrates your intake with physicians and specialists, and automates follow-up and patient nurturing.

With a PRE, you can track and understand patient interactions to help you identify and respond to patient needs, while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction. You also can create more personalized patient experiences, improve health initiatives, improve your mission and margin with solid goals, and improve the quality of quantifiable results.

Is a PRE good for your practice? Research shows that the healthcare PRE Market Size was valued at USD 14.2 Billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from USD 15.71 Billion in 2023 to USD 35.16 Billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.60% during the forecast period (2023–2032). This is an increasing preference for healthcare integration that improves productivity, and the increasing influence of online advertising is the key market driver enhancing market growth.

Reputation Management

How you are viewed online is a huge factor in gaining and maintaining patients. According to Medical Economics:

  • 77% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor.
  • 84% wouldn’t go to a referred physician if rated with four stars or less.
  • It takes 1–6 reviews for potential patients to form an opinion about a practice.

The National Institute of Health also “found that the number of reviews was more effective in influencing patient decisions compared with the overall review rating. An improvement in reviews leads to a relative increase in physician outpatient visits on that website. There are channel effects in health care: online services complement offline services (outpatient care appointments). Results further indicate that online services moderate the relationship between online reviews and physician outpatient visits.”

Hi5’s reputation management tool is tailored to your healthcare business and empowers your practice to effectively manage its online reputation by automating patient review requests after the appointment and review responses. Hi5 Reputation Management automation enables practices, clinics, and hospitals to actively shape their image, cultivate patient relationships, and thrive in the digital healthcare landscape.

Let’s Add More to The Table

The all-encompassing platform offers so much more. New campaigns, products, or services require custom landing pages. Picture a potential patient, searching for your service and landing on your website. Hi5’s custom landing pages are designed with your patients in mind. A central location that allows for seamless integration that streamlines your intake process. Packed with multiple contact points, an interested patient is given the opportunity to learn about your services.

Social media is the digital front page and boasts maximum patient engagement. Building a relationship with your patients outside of your practice is key. This is where you get to flex the knowledge muscles and share general information about your area of expertise.

Having the right integration to manage all your social media interactions isn’t just efficient, this plays into building your reputation, loyalty, and ties in all the other marketing efforts of your practice. With the Hi5 social media management tool you can schedule months’ worth of content, and track engagement and analytics while analyzing trends to customize your strategy.

Even with maximum efficiency the question of security looms. Patients’ records and information are a cause for concern, especially in this growing digital landscape. The Hi5 platform ensures data protection and HIPAA compliance. Equipped with other security features like two-factor authentication, encryption, and backup solutions, there are also regular security updates and monitoring.

Onboarding and Support

How do you set this up? You don’t. The best thing about using Hi5 is that the setup is our job. You tell us what you want, we tinker with a few things behind the scenes then hand over your well-oiled machine. Of course, we’ll hold your hand a little with the onboarding process, but your tasks will be so easy, that your designated dashboard monitor will catch on in no time.

WDB offers a comprehensive onboarding process for new users, with training resources and user guidelines for optimal utilization. Plus, you will always have direct access to our team to help you with any issues, should they arise.

Are you ready to upgrade your practice’s digital presence? Let us walk you through the seamless process. Book a demo call with our team and let’s get things rolling.

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