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How to Leverage Your Creativity to Convert Leads into Sales

How to Leverage Your Creativity to Convert Leads into Sales

There are so many ways today to spend your marketing dollars to attract customers and get the attention of your target audience and make a sale. Although the old tried and true ideas and methods still pack a little punch, you must get creative in today’s high tech society to convert leads into sales for your business or product.

Think Outside the Box

The whole point of internet marketing, or any marketing for that matter, is to convert a website visitor, banner ad clicker, or email reader to a customer. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is what we call the method used to raise the percentage of visitors, clickers, and readers into paying customers. The customer journey should lead them down an interesting road to get their attention to make them want to buy your product or services.

A successful CRO plan includes creative ideas, stellar copywriting and marketing copy, and a persuasive call to action. Here are some creative ideas to convert your leads to paying customers.

Create Effective Marketing Copy

Each and every time you write something for a potential customer to read, it is your chance to sell them your product or service. Your copywriting is crucial and has to pack a punch to get their attention in this sensory overload world we live in today.

Don’t get complacent and write the same boring copy or use the same marketing efforts you’ve been using since 2010. When we do this, we are out of touch with what a customer journey should look like to the potential customer. When we fail to make our copywriting appealing and enticing, we lose momentum and ultimately lose customers. It’s time to start getting creative and getting the attention you seek.

This is what a customer wants to know when they hear about a new company:

  • What does this company do?
  • What can they do for me?
  • Why should I believe this company?
  • How do I do business with this advertiser?

A potential customer wants to be seduced into doing business with your company and this happens with creative marketing copy that is catchy, answers a problem that the prospect faces, conveys authority in the business area, and explains exactly what the company does.

Once way to get the attention to your company is to have a great motto, slogan, or tag line. It is crucial to leave a lasting impression with a potential customer to get them to remember your company or brand. It is also important to create memorable headlines to appeal to a lead’s needs and emotions. Make sure the headline is witty enough to get their attention, offers a solution to a customer’s need, appeals to their emotions, and is consistent with your brand message.

Create an Effective Call to Action

When writing an effective call to action (CTA) the key is to evoke an emotion that makes it personal to the potential customer. Of course the placement, color, and size of the “click me button” is important, but the marketing copy and the text you use is what really gets their attention.

Using a first person call to action with text that makes it personal will increase conversions. Instead of using generic copy like” Click Here” or “Submit”, try using words that appeal to customers like “Increase My Customers” or “Start My Free Trial Offer Now”.  

It is important to be creative in your copywriting and call to action and to be unique and memorable so that people remember your company and brand.

Be an Email Boss with Authenticity

Email marketing is one of the tried and true techniques that still works effectively today. It is very effective in converting leads and can help you reach a large audience quickly. It’s also very easy to track your progress and see just how many leads are converted to customers.

The key to successful email marketing is to create a subject line that gets enough attention to make people actually want to read the email to see what you have to say. A boring, old, subject header will land you in the spam box quicker than you can hit the send button.

Creative copywriting is again the key to success. Make sure your subject header and the email you are sending is catchy and appealing with creative copywriting. Are your lead nurturing campaigns innovative, unique, and full of personality? They should be.

Don’t be afraid to step of out of the box and have some fun with your subject lines. Don’t play it safe and don’t be boring when it comes to copywriting and marketing. Customers like to have fun and will appreciate your unique and intuitive branding. This is what gets folks talking and what makes viral marketing.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Go ahead – show your company’s personality, be fun, offer a genuine customer experience, and appeal to the customer’s needs and emotions. This lets the customer get to know you and your brand and builds trust, encourages them to remember your company, and to ultimately be a loyal customer.

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