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Meet Your Customer Of 2017 Trends and Statistics

Meet Your Customer Of 2017 Trends and Statistics

Despite how easy it is to launch e-commerce website, scaling an online business remains extremely difficult even for the most seasoned ecommerce experts. Ecommerce sales are growing, but many retailers are struggling to capitalize on their digital sales channels. The secret to success is no longer just to get it out there and see how it performs. The most successful retailers are strategic and targeted in their efforts, both offline and on.

Effectively targeting a ready-to-buy audience requires solid data and statistics on your customers. Gaining in-depth knowledge about customers isn’t something that just happens. It’s about collecting a lot of customers’ data and finding out valuable insights from that data with speed and precision.

In this infographic we’re highlighting some of the biggest trends and statistics you need to pay attention to scale your online e-commerce business.  

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