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SEOs – Why You Need To Think More Like An Accountant

SEOs – Why You Need To Think More Like An Accountant

There’s a reason why someone who knows their way around SEO is so valuable, and it’s because knowing how to approach it, is the key to getting more exposure. If you want to improve, there are several reasons you may be better off thinking as an accountant rather than as an advertiser. 

Keyword Organization

Search engine optimization is a formula, not necessarily a creative endeavor. The way an SEO expert uses keywords is similar to how an accountant works with numbers. Both professionals need to have a sharp eye on the details as well as the context of those numbers. When an accountant approaches his spreadsheets and statements, he starts to see how every number works together to show the larger picture of the company’s revenue, expenditures and savings. An SEO expert needs to be able to see that each keyword serves a purpose to add to or detract from the overall efficacy of where the site lands in terms of page rank. And it’s not just the keywords you’re using, but the keywords your major competition is (or isn’t) using as well. There are a lot of opportunities in SEO, and it helps to see how it all works in context – just like an accountant would. 

Visual Strategies 

The accountant is always picturing how the money ebbs and flows, and where the safe zones are that guarantee the company success. The accountant also is looking at how he can spend or withhold money to add to the bottom line. An SEO master has to think about keywords in the same way. Keywords are money, and when each keyword has a price attached to it, the expert can start to think about how to use each one to avoid making costly mistakes. All keywords research should be laid out much like a spreadsheet for a better visual picture, where the success of each keyword is highlighted alongside the success of your competitors’ keywords. 

An accountant needs to be able to change their strategies based on the economy and specific plans of the business, so too does an SEO need to be able to stay flexible to keyword changes and new consumer demands. 

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