The CMO Guide To Website Redesign

 What you need to get a redesign project supported, funded and launched and how to make sure it’s a success.

A redesign can be a huge success – or it could fail miserably.

Companies rebrand, redesign and rebuild their websites all the time. It tends to be a big undertaking and not something anyone would do on a hunch. Nevertheless, there are times when it must be done.

There are many compelling reasons for a website design, these include: branding, moving onto a new Content Management System (CMS), non-responsive (mobile friendly) or lack of visitors that convert into clients.

The e-guide is based on multiple interviews we conducted with top 30 CMOs from EPICOR, SAP NS2,, Sparkling ICE, Broad Institute among others. We guarantee that this CMO guide will save you from the classic snares and headaches of a website redesign.

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