Building Engines

Property Management Software available on your mobile device for Commercial Real Estate work orders, preventative maintenance and inspections.

Project Details

We began working with Building Engines, a commercial real estate company, during a major growth period. We didn't know then that this project will be nominated for MITX best website design award. 


Their marketing team was seeing success with new online initiatives, but their out-dated website was slowing the process. They needed something they could easily manage on their own, that would integrate with their marketing software.


They came to us knowing we could help them create a custom user-friendly site that would make it easier for potential clients to find what they needed on the front-end and make it easier on their team to make changes in the backend. They wanted a more organized site designed to lead visitors down a clear path to take action.


To better understand how to organize the site, we talked to Building Engine’s best clients to find out what worked and what what they needed to change. During the design process, we focused on simplicity. It was important that the site be an easy place for current and potential customers to find the information they need. During the development process, simplicity was still our focus, but we created an efficient workflow so the team could spend more time with their clients and less time trying to hack into their own website.


We developed the site to seamlessly integrate with their Marketo digital marketing software. This custom integration proved worth every penny as it increased sales and traffic immediately after launching the site.


Website Conversions up

Organic Traffic up

Bounce rate decreased to

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