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Marketing is a generous act of helping someone solve their problem

Meet Buyers Where They Are in the Journey … Using Inbound Marketing Methodology..

Our Process

Strategy & Planning

The purpose of this exercise to distill each stage of the flywheel and realign your marketing efforts to maximize conversions. In this step, we analyze the current marketing and sales processes including HubSpot setup. We set expectations on campaigns, timelines, roles and responsibilities, and monthly metrics, etc.

Persona Research

All your inbound marketing actions should be taken with them, your buyer personas, in mind. Attracting your buyer personas requires a focused inbound marketing strategy that starts with thoroughly understanding your persona and their pain-points.

Content Creation and Review

Your content assets – including blogs, videos, infographics, eBooks, white papers, and other resources – need to not only draw your personas in but compel them to transition to the next step of the conversion process. We create a content calendar to lay out the content for each phase of the buyers’ journey that addresses the big question – how can we provide value to your target audience?

SEO Audit and Keyword Optimization

In order to drive qualified traffic to your site, we will audit your website for discrepancies and optimize it for improved search ranking performance. This includes user-friendly navigation, keyword density, backlinks, page titles, H1 header tag, body text, alt text for images, and tags, SSL certification, etc. While keywords will help visitors find your pages on search engines, usability and visual aesthetics will keep them there.

List Cleaning and Segmentation

It is often an overlooked part of inbound marketing implementation. A HubSpot study shows that targeting emails to specific buyer persona segments increase email clickthrough rate by 16%. This is because segmentation allows you to separate your audience into different buckets so you can send them content that aligns more closely with their interests. We use a third-party service, NeverBounce, to clean up your database in order to help enhance your lead quality and email deliverability rate.


This is where the magic happens where you began to have a more targeted conversation with your buyer persona, leading them further along the buyer’s journey by asking them their contact information in return. We will help you build the landing page assets on HubSpot or any other CMS using a standard or custom template.

Email Template Design and Workflow Creation

Email marketing is an important component of the lead nurturing process. A progression of emails with relevant, engaging, and helpful content is a great way to “nurture” the lead to help them become sales-ready. Our inbound marketing service includes building out the email template design, workflow optimization, and creation, A/B testing, email copy creation, and reporting.

Salesforce Integration

By integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) software with HubSpot, you will get better insight on how well your marketing efforts are working in conjunction with your sales efforts. With this data you can work on refocusing those efforts that are less successful to create a strong, robust sales strategy.

Pricing Transparency

On-going email marketing
Social media management
SEO management
Light branding/website enhancements
Dedicated customer success point of contact
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Everything is Start package plus
Discovery Workshop
Market review
Brand review
‍Campaign strategy and management
Original content development
Website optimization
Dedicated project manager and 2 - 4 experts
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Everything in our Grow package plus
Multi-channel ad creation & management
Monthly reporting and strategy
Dedicated project manager and 3 - 5 experts
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