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How to Scale Your Content Creation on Budget

How to Scale Your Content Creation on Budget

If you are a brand or business and you aren’t involved in content creation, you need to get moving, because your competition is doing it and in droves. But before starting, you have to make sure that you’re creating the right content that speaks to the target audience and people you’re trying to reach. Do you know who the main target audience personas are? Surprisingly 63 percent of marketers are creating content without knowing. Despite this fact, 77 percent of B2B content marketers expect their organization to produce more content in 2018 than it did in 2017.

So, the best place to start before you begin to create content is to truly understand your users. This will be the most important thing for your business at this stage. What are the needs of your user base? What are their pain points? This is where you need to start with the research. The research around the types of personas you are looking to engage with and what makes them tick – will help you determine what kind of content you should be creating and the best way to present it message to your target audience. Your message, imagery, and language that you use, will be the essence of your success. As consumers, we’ll always respond with action if we are invested on an emotional level. Make sure you are writing copy and choosing imagery with this in mind.

Tip: Here is a link to collection of websites where you can find amazing photography free to use on your blog or website.

The goal of creating content is to create a story around your brand. This means that your storytelling, your messaging within your content needs to resonate with your target audience. Otherwise, your content will fall flat on its face and will do you more harm than good. Create content that is inspiring and contains elements that will support and highlight your brand’s credibility. Create content that is shareable and has the staying power to reuse or repurpose down the road.

Tip: Create content that will drive potential clients and customers back to the hub of all of your marketing efforts – your website.

When it comes to content creation, which can be very time-consuming, your brand voice needs to be clear and the subject matter you are writing about should be within your realm of expertise. This will ensure that the interactions with your customers are meaningful and have value.

Tip: The key thing to remember is that potential clients and customers don’t like to be sold to and they will only engage with brands they want to connect with. So be real, be authentic and relevant.

There are a bunch of different types of content that you can create, whether you start with blog posts, newsletters, or white papers – it should be easily digestible. Due to our shortening attention spans, we all respond better to short-form content in comparison to a lengthy article. Video can be a great short form of content for any brand to start generating. Brands have access to amazing video platforms like YouTube, which is considered second largest after Google search. Once your research has been conducted and you know what makes your personas move – then start producing the content.

If there is difficulty in creating the content yourself, you can always hire an outside agency or hire people to create content specifically. It is recommended, that you hire someone that comes from within your industry, so they will have the right voice and understanding of the type of content you are looking to create.

In this day and age, brands are required and expected to create content that will lure and attract sales leads. To learn more about Demand generation and creating content that drives traffic back to your website. Check out our blog: Demand Generation.

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