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Recipe For An Awesome Lead-Generating Website

Recipe For An Awesome Lead-Generating Website

As technology has advanced, the world of marketing has changed. People used to rely on commercials, radio advertisements, or even the yellow pages to find what they are looking for. Now, people use the internet to find the products or services that they are looking for. This is why websites are essential to survive in the new, global, economic landscape; however, you need to start optimizing your website for lead generation. For those who don’t know, a lead is a potential customer who has already expressed interest in a potential product or service. Leads are an important part of the organic website traffic because they have a higher chance of converting into a paying customer than the average visitor. There are several ways that businesses can optimize their website to increase the number of leads that are generated and potentially convert more visitors into paying customers.

Evaluate the Website at its Current Level

The first step to improving the lead generation of the website is to figure out where the website stands currently. Start by analyzing how well the website is generating web traffic. Take a look at the number of visitors to the website. Then, figure out how many of the visitors are actually purchasing something from the website. Finally, invest in a tool that will evaluate the current state of the landing pages and calls to action (CTA) on the website. We recommend Hubspot, a leading option that is used to evaluate key facets of websites to try and improve the lead generation and conversion rates of visitors to the page. The landing pages and the calls to action are common areas that websites can improve to increase the conversion rate of their website.

Break Down the Lead Generation Process

Once the company has a baseline for how their website is performing, it is time to get to work improving each step of the lead generation process. Taking apart each step of the customer’s journey and improving their experience is the best way to optimize lead gen. Some of the common places that businesses can improve upon their customer experience include:

Call to Action: This is one of the most important steps in the lead generation process because this is the actual command that triggers the customer to click on a link, download a product, or purchase a service. Try to use colors that contrast against each other to ensure that customer don’t overlook the CTA. Furthermore, try to personalize the call to action on every page. If the customer has provided their name, use it. Research has shown that calls to action that are personalized have a much higher chance of converting visitors into paying customers.

First Impressions Matter: Another common place for improvement is the landing page. For those who don’t know, the landing page is the place that customers land after clicking on a link. This is the first impression that everyone gets of the company. Depending on the advertising location, it might be better to have different landing pages for different advertising sources. If the ad was placed on a sports site, the landing page might be sports themed. This is a great way to improve first impressions and increase the chance that the visitor converts into a paying customer.

Always Thank the Customer: Any visitor that actually takes the time and money to purchase a product or service deserves a thank you. Make sure that the page sounds sincere and not mechanical to make the customer feel appreciated. This will increase the chance that the customer will return to the site to conduct more business. Furthermore, this is another great way to advertise. Make sure to add buttons and links for the customer to share their purchase on their social media pages. Chances are, someone they know will also want to invest in the company’s products or service.

Always Evaluate

This process shouldn’t only be performed once. Take the time to evaluate the success of the website with regards to lead generation and conversion regularly. As the times change, customers will change as well. Take advantage of the opportunities to improve the website and advertising campaign.

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