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Simple tips to help you update your business website

Simple tips to help you update your business website

Remember when movies were only in black and white and a copy machine only made copies? Now we enjoy movies with effects like 3D and CGI, and photocopiers are compact, plus they scan and fax. Technologies are constantly being updated, and your business website is no exception.

Keeping your website fresh indicates that you’re active, involved and interested in your online audience. A website that hasn’t been changed in a long time can make visitors wonder if you are still in business. Website changes usually reflect better customer service, the launch of a new product or services. Other changes can keep the customer interested, entertained or informed so they want to return to your site.

When was the last time you actually made changes to your existing website?

Many businesses change their current site about every three months. Updating your website with the change of seasons is an easy way to remind yourself that it’s time to freshen up your site. With holidays just around the corner, perhaps now is a good time to decide what to change on your website and do it. Below are some ideas for giving your website a holiday makeover.

Refresh with new images.

Is it time to change the photos on your website? Do you have new photos of your work that you can display or an updated photo of yourself?

Update content.

I’m sure you’ve heard about how important keywords are to search engines finding your website. How about adding some new content that contains some of those SEO-friendly keywords? Can you tie that message in with those new photos?

Change the site theme, font or color.

Think about adding some holiday spirit to your website using your site tools. Try a new color or theme to go with your new photos and content.

Add or refresh gadgets.

Have you thought about adding one or more social media links? This is an awesome way to show that you are using current available technology.

You don’t have to invest a lot of time to implement all of these suggestions, but the rewards can be beneficial for your business. If visitors notice that your website is updated periodically, they are more likely to bookmark it and visit more often.

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