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Why Drupal CMS is good for business

Why Drupal CMS is good for business

Drupal is one of the most popular CMSs in the world. Many governmental agencies, universities and ecommerce enterprises websites stop their choice on this robust and functional system. Lets try to view some other characteristics of the Drupal which make it stands out form other CMSs.

Low startup cost

Drupal is an open source software that means you don’t have to pay for license, recurring costs, etc. You can start creation of your website with the ability for future enhancements along with the website grow. Thus, you can build the website quickly and then add some necessary futures to make it more powerful.


Drupal can be easily adopted to meet business needs and requirements. Any size of companies can successfully implement Drupal with ability to create any type of content, to build pressroom of articles, customer database and product reviews without need to make code modifications.


Whitehouse.gov is a website built on Drupal. It has served a peak of 2.5 million unique visitors in a single month. At it’s peak, the spike was equivilent to ~8 million page views in a day.


The Drupal admin is one of the most highly configurable CMSs available. It allows for a variety of workflows and user & role based permissions, potentially down to a field level. Versioning and tiered approval are all possible. More importantly Drupal provides the most configurable administrative area around. Any part of the admin can be tailored and reworked to fit a company’s needs. This is not a super easy process, but it is a very important feature of Drupal, since administrators are arguably the most important people in the CMS ecosystem.


Drupal has one of the largest developers following in the world. Over 700,000 engineers are developing for Drupal and frequently release new modules. If you need to improve your website and add extensible features you can use vast array of available modules.

Vast community support

If you chose Drupal you’ll never feel alone as the support of Drupal community is available via simple web search and through Drupal.org. Many problems you potentially can face are already described and solved and solutions could be found in documentation. If not, there are lots of Drupal pro who at your disposal and are ready to provide you with help and assistance.

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