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Unleash the Power of Marketing with ChatGPT Prompts

Unleash the Power of Marketing with ChatGPT Prompts

Chat GPT created a buzz, but marketers have latched on to the tool as a bonus in their strategy. Instead of seeing Chat GPT and other Open AI tools as an adversary, there is an ongoing embrace of utilizing the tools to boost creativity and productivity. Automation and even new ideas have emerged from its use, from content creation ideas to strategy development and execution, Open AI, and particularly Chat GPT, has been quite helpful. 

Many marketers prioritize improving effectiveness and efficiency. Especially with social media and content campaigns, regardless of where they fall in the funnel. Improving marketing efforts means adapting and using new technology to reach and engage with potential customers. Leveraging AI-driven content creation tools like ChatGPT means creating more content faster by using prompts based on your needs or strategy. 

In this article, we’ll explore some useful ChatGPT prompts for content creation and how to use them in particular areas.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to establish authority with your audience, as discussed in our post on types of marketing collateral, increasing engagement not only on your website but also on your social media. By creating blog content, you provide information to potential customers and keep your current audience interested in your content. Regardless of your business offerings, there are many aspects that you can tap into your information well to give resources, tips, and tricks. 

ChatGPT can help you develop blog post ideas, let’s look at the prompts you can use:

  • I run a blog aimed at [AUDIENCE] about [TOPIC]. Come up with 10 ideas that I could write about on my blog. For each idea, suggest 3 different titles.
  • List 20 ideas for blog posts to help me promote my latest product [NAME AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION]. Each blog post idea should target a specific search engine keyword: give the keywords.

These suggestions are just the beginning of a series of prompts useful for creating blog content that converts for your website. Always bear in mind that you will still need to check the quality of the content that ChatGPT produces. Verify details but also fortify your post with verifiable statistics, and other links to support your points. It is key to use blog post ideas to highlight the services and expertise in your area of business.

Content Calendar

Planning is efficient social media marketing. Having already established your target, and created and repurposed content, setting up your engagement is a crucial next step. There are several scheduling tools available, including Facebook, but creating a calendar specifically for your business is a separate endeavor. Using CGPT to help with designing your content calendar takes a lot of the creative guesswork out. Here are some prompts you can use to help:

  • I want you to act as a content calendar generator for a social media marketing campaign. Your task is to generate a monthly calendar with ideas for posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, taking into consideration holidays and events that are relevant to the target audience. Each day should have a suggested post theme or topic and a brief description of the post. The calendar should be in a table format and sent in a document format.
  • Create a social media calendar with ideas for posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about [business industry]. The goal of the campaign is to attract more followers and engagement from influacers and media.

The aim is to ensure a well-rounded and engaging content strategy. Engagement and reach are key performance indicators on Facebook that you must take into consideration when publishing content. This helps to identify the forms of engagement you get based on the content you publish. Ensure that you refine your calendar based on what might be happening in your organization or publicly. For example, include holiday posts and company-specific announcements. 

Promotional Social Media Posts

Running promotions helps to increase engagement and conversions. Especially when you are trying to get in front of a new audience. Running multiple promotions allows you to tailor posts based on your audience’s geographic location, interests, and other demographics. Posts can be either a new blog post or some new graphics about a product or service. The goal is conversion, either generating a sale or increasing lead potential. Here is a specific prompt for a beauty subscription service. You can change the prompt’s secondary instruction to mention your offering.


  • Generate promotional social media posts for the next 90 days for my [type of business]. I post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about [the industry]. Each post should include an engaging title, professional description, and call to action to buy my products or engage with my brand. The goal of the campaign is to see more products.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a long-standing success for any campaign. While other marketing efforts may fall off as new trends emerge, email marketing remains a strong winner. Getting help with email campaigns is a good strategy. As with all other marketing efforts, most email campaigns are trial and error until we find out what works, whether it is segmentation or targeted campaigns. Most email marketing companies are embracing the use of artificial intelligence and introducing other product forms like texting. However, most people still struggle with drafting the best email copy for campaigns. This is where ChatGPT can help. Use certain prompts to help you come up with ideas. 

Here is an example of a specific prompt you can use: 

  • As [your name and company/ industry], write an introductory warm sales email to [prospect name] from [prospect industry and company name]
  • Write a 100-word follow-up email to [prospect name] whom I’ve just had a call with and is now ready to [action]
  • Write a concise, professional but funny sales email to a prospect who’s ghosting me.

Adjusting the prompt to suit your specific needs is important. Also doing additional research to see the viability of the results is a crucial next step in your planning. 

Social Media Policy

A study showed that nearly three-quarters of all working adults use social media before, during, and after work each business day. The goal of a social media policy is to set expectations for appropriate behavior and ensure that an employee’s social media posts will not expose the company to legal problems or public embarrassment. Most small to medium businesses are sometimes unaware or ill-equipped. 

People working with sensitive data must be mindful of how they conduct themselves around that data. Especially in the life science industry, particularly healthcare. Are you new to the industry and need help drafting a social media policy? Here is a ChatGPT prompt you can use.

  • Draft a comprehensive outline for a healthcare social media policy with guidelines for employees when posting on behalf of a medical practice.

Again, you can adjust the prompt as it pertains to your industry or setting by adding more specific examples or details. Get input from your management about implementing and disseminating the policy amongst your staff. Be open to feedback and concerns that you can also use to amend your policy as you see fit. 


Call-to-Actions (CTA) are the drivers of conversion. This is where you tell your audience what you want them to do. Whether “buy now, contact us, read more or click here”. This is where you decide what you want your content to lead to. Finding the right call-to-action is a crucial step in your content strategy, especially long-form, content, or landing pages. You do not want your call-to-actions to fall flat or spend too much time figuring out which one might be more effective. Using ChatGPT could help to reduce the time spent brainstorming. Here is a prompt that you can try.

  • Create three impactful CTA button ideas based on the provided blog post URL.
  • Create a CTA that encourages recipients to sign up for a free trial of our software.
  • Write a CTA that invites readers to download our latest e-book on marketing best practices.

Sometimes ChatGPT does not respond fully to URLs, so copying and pasting the entire blog would be useful. Content engagement is a great way to tell if your post has had some impact and that your CTA is working. Being strategic about your CTA boosts user engagement, which you can use across all other content forums, including social media. 

LinkedIn Posts

It is no secret that most decision-makers are on LinkedIn more than other platforms. But how do you get them to read or click on your material? One of the biggest shifts in B2B marketing is adopting some basic strategies from B2C marketing, talk to the person, like a person. More B2B decision makers are looking for fewer sales pitches and more humanlike conversions. You must ask yourself; what problem are you solving for them and how are you different from other businesses making the same or similar argument? Here is a sample prompt you can try:

  • Craft a compelling LinkedIn post about a specified product or service
  • Critique this LinkedIn post and give suggestions to make it sound more compelling
  • Draft a polite message requesting a recommendation from a satisfied client or partner, emphasizing their positive experience.

Using ChatGPT could narrow down this conversation to a few posts. As usual, be specific to your needs and interests. Ensure that you make it clear who you are talking to, so it tailors the prompt responses for your intended audience.

Marketing Tactics

Marketers looking for new ways to reach their target audience should turn to ChatGPT for a ‘fresh pair of eyes’. There is no doubt that innovation is at the core of every successful marketing campaign, intending to reach and connect with users with genius ideas. But what if you are at a standstill? Most ideas might lack that connection element. It might be good to take a step back and get some rather unconventional but objective help. 

Use prompts to steer the conversation and maybe ignite some creativity into a marketing tactic that could help your campaigns. Here is a prompt that you can try:

  • Describe the ways to reach [target audience] for effective marketing tactics. Provide insights into strategies to reach and engage the [target audience].

The conversation around strategy and tactics should always begin with your team. However technological advancements have given us the ability to use tools like ChatGPT not as a catch-all but as a resource to help with brainstorming, outlining, and finding out additional information without hours of tedious research. 

Building a successful overall strategy requires tools. Some of those tools include analytics, scheduling, writing and even brainstorming. How well your team uses these tools will depend on their openness to support. Using ChatGPT’s prompts and their responses to aid in marketing efforts serves to improve versatility and efficiency across the board. 

While this list is intended to give ideas, our team diligently experimented with various prompt variations, meticulously curating a collection of over 140 prompts that have proven highly effective for marketing and business growth for all industries. Get access here

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