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Why Web Design Matters When Growing Your Business Online

Why Web Design Matters When Growing Your Business Online

Whether you’re trying to get a new start-up business off the ground or you have a long-established company, website design can play a crucial role in the success and growth of your organization.

If you’re in the process of launching your business’ new site or re-developing an existing site, it’s important to recognize many of the small aspects of web design that are often lost in the bigger picture of content and looks. Keeping these smaller issues at the forefront of your planning will enhance the efficacy and impact of your site and as a result, will help in growing your business in a competitive digital environment.

The first step is to consider your audience, in understanding the needs of users. The user experience is often bypassed in favor of shiny design, but it is important to have a firm grasp of who your audience is and how they will use your site. What information are they likely to prioritize in visiting your website? How can your content both educate and convert? Can you break your site information down into a useful structure that follows a discovery process for your audience?

Anticipate potential questions that your audience might have and make sure your site answers them. Ensure that your content is driving an action from your audience that demonstrates that you both understand their needs and can offer solutions for them.

The next step is to guarantee that your site drives that desired action. A beautifully presented site isn’t effective at all if there aren’t inherent calls to action as users don’t know how to respond to it. This goes above and beyond implementing a “Contact Us” page. Demonstrate your user’s need through the content of your site and then incorporate more prominent links to “Sign Up,” “Learn More” or “Ask A Question.” Tailoring your calls to action to meet various audience members of your site is also critical, in consideration of new customer conversion rates and returning customer retention.

Finally, focusing on proper SEO development will promote your site’s ability to be seen by a wider audience by moving it up in search engine rankings.

If you’re working to re-develop an existing site, keep your site naming structure as similar to your old site as possible, while just changing the design. Also make sure that you add re-directs within your backend system to accommodate for pages that no longer exist. This solidifies your previous work in SEO management, helps to direct users to your new content and keeps your site indexed on search engines moving forward.

Implementing these considerations into your development or re-design can greatly contribute to the progress and longevity of your growing business.

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