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The Challenge

Neurable builds brain-computer interfaces for next-generation computing platforms. Their revolutionary BCI interface allows people to control software and devices using only their brain activity. Neurable’s vision is to create a world without limitations. They came to WDB to help turn that vision into a reality.

Neurable’s amazing technology has enabled people to play games, control toys and drive a full-sized car using only their thoughts. Neurable transforms augmented and virtual reality by placing the user’s mind in the center of the experience. The applications for this technology are endless. It has the power to change industries like education, healthcare and construction just to name a few.

Neurable knew that in order to be successful, they had to have a compelling visual and digital presence that showcased their technology. They had a tight deadline to complete the website redesign project as a new headset product featuring their technology was about to be released.

Neurable Enterprise Website Development and Design Project

The Solution

The website needed to serve several purposes. Being a start-up, Neurable was looking to attract additional rounds of investment from financial institutions and venture capitalists. They were also looking to create a way for developers to learn about the company and then download the Neurable SDK.

But in order for that to happen, Neurable needed a clear message and a compelling way to introduce the technology and the company to the rest of the world. We worked closely with Neurable to formulate a company brand and message. WDB designed and developed a guided journey for the users with engaging written and visual content. Visitors are instantly greeted on the home page with a video showcasing the technology and the headset product.

The goal was to appeal to an extensive user base and companies within a variety of industries in order get developers to download their SDK. We highlighted social proof by showcasing the various media outlets like The New York Times and MIT Technology Review that featured Neurable and their technology. To encourage virtual and augmented reality developers to download the SDK we provided a soft-call to action for Developers to request beta access.

The end result is a clean and crisp design with easy and digestible content and original imagery. The redesign was completed on time and the first week saw an incredible surge of downloads for their development kit.

Neurable Enterprise Website Development and Design Project

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Neurable Enterprise Website Development and Design Project

Project Success

Session duration up 328%

Organic traffic up 96%

Bounce rate decreased to 23%

90% of our customers come back, 95% of new customers are referrals and 100% have credited our work and exceptional service.