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The Challenge

In order to understand Talamas, a local leader in audio/visual equipment sales and rental, you have to understand the people, culture and the depth of knowledge they bring to their customers. They stand out in their industry because of their experience and the personal relationships they have with customers. These qualities can be difficult to communicate through an e-commerce website, which are known for doing little more than featuring product images.

Talamas needed a website that would be an extension of their business personality and reputation. Of course it needed to sell product, but the updated site would have to be more than a sales tool. It needed to educate people, help them make the best personal buying decisions and provide excellent customer service within a beautiful web platform.

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The Solution

We worked closely with the Talamas team to re-envision their company’s web marketing strategy. We knew their personal stories should be at the core of the web strategy, and from there we could showcase case studies and develop the e-commerce store front.

Our team analyzed the crowded market and compared their product and unique services to their competition. In order to help them stand out we had to better position Talamas in the market place. We are building a site that is easy to navigate, filled with valuable information to help people make decisions. We have developed the backend of the site to make it easier for the staff to add, edit and change products.

Talamas Enterprise Website Development and Design Project

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Talamas Enterprise Website Development and Design Project
Talamas Enterprise Website Development and Design Project

Project Success

Session duration up 148%

Organic traffic up 146%

Bounce rate decreased to 31%

90% of our customers come back, 95% of new customers are referrals and 100% have credited our work and exceptional service.