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Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

Benefits of Working with a Digital Marketing Agency

You’ve heard all of the commercials say it: these are uncertain times we’re living in. COVID-19 really threw the world for a loop and as we continue to struggle with the pandemic, countless businesses have been affected. Some have found success by moving operations solely online — or heavily supplementing with e-commerce. Because of this transition, digital marketing is something you need to be thinking about as well. 

Why Seek Out Digital Marketing Companies in Boston?

Similarly to New York and San Francisco, Boston is a hub for marketing agencies. Boston is a city that looks and feels like New York, but runs at a slower pace. Like Chicago, digital marketing agencies are sprouting around Boston. That said, overall benefits of working with a digital marketing agency described will apply to anyone, anywhere.  

1. Provides Structure and Focus 

A marketing agency can give you direction when you’re not sure what to do or where to go. When a crisis hits, it might be tempting to just throw up your hands and put everything on pause. Because what on earth are you supposed to do, right? However, by enlisting the help of a marketing agency, you can get guidance on the matter. 

Instead of ambling about in the dark, a marketing agency can offer the structure required to put together a digital marketing plan that works for the current moment. They can provide templates to use for blog posts, social media content, and email newsletters. They can assist with the development of messaging that fits this moment. And I think most important of all, they can offer up the focus required to see through the haze that can sometimes cloud your thoughts when dealing with a lot of stress.

2. Will Have Experience You Don’t Have 

Though everyone was thrown for a loop at the beginning of the pandemic, we’re several months in now and most marketing agencies have figured out what works and what doesn’t. This could be incredibly helpful to you when trying to figure out how to speak to your customers with sensitivity. And there’s certainly no need to reinvent the wheel when you can leverage the experience of others to perfect your messaging and outreach efforts. 

And this applies outside times of crisis, too, by the way. Leaning on a digital marketing agency at any time allows you to make use of their expertise (some of which includes hard-learned lessons) to take the right approach for your company on the first try. No more sending out tweets that miss the mark or publishing blog posts that use language, scenarios, or descriptions that fail to describe the current moment. Everything that goes out under your name will be checked and double checked for social competency, which is about ten thousand times more important when society is undergoing times of turmoil. 

3. You Can Develop Long-Term Goals

When using a marketing agency, it’s much easier to see the big picture. That is, you’ll have better resources on hand for planning long-term and that means setting long-term goals as well. So, instead of flying by the seat of your pants from week to week, you can plan your marketing approach several months out, taking into account where you want to take your business in the next six months, let’s say.

One huge caveat, of course. If COVID has taught us anything, it’s to learn to be flexible. So, as you create your marketing goals, you can better pencil in suggestions and ideas as backups in case a traditional marketing campaign won’t be viable and your ideal goals won’t be attainable. 

Perhaps you set a goal for your company to reach a certain number of followers on Instagram by a given date. This is something that should stay on track even during times of crisis as a simple change in messaging could keep your profile relevant and interactive. 

4. Learn to Plan Ahead 

Along with making goals about how to drive your business forward, a marketing agency can also help you learn to better plan ahead in general. But how on earth is that possible when the future feels so unpredictable? 

It’s not necessarily the simplest thing ever, but it is entirely possible when you keep flexibility in mind, as we mentioned above. For instance, a digital marketing agency may help you to put together a robust plan for the next three months that includes blog posts, a few downloadable lead magnets, and a social media calendar. However, a plan that’s been created with care can be adjusted to suit a pressing matter as well. So, if there’s a newsworthy story that needs addressing, you’ll be able to easily shift around your social posts to accommodate it. 

Likewise, planning ahead means having a clear idea of how to market around holidays and big events. Instead of rushing around last minute to get out your holiday messages, creating coupons, or custom content, you’ll have it all prepped weeks in advance. A detailed plan that has you working on content weeks in advance at least will ensure your content gets out on time and that you’re not under constant deadline stress. 

5. Leverage Connections

The last point we’ll make here about using a digital marketing agency during times of crisis is the opportunities they can offer. Working with these agencies means shaking more virtual hands and establishing great connections across your social profiles. Perhaps your site and business will be featured on their site via a testimonial? Maybe you can interact with them on social media? This would be mutually beneficial. 

Anyone you work with in the digital sphere is a connection and reaching out and doing business, especially in a time of such social isolation, can be rewarding and helpful to both parties. 

Perhaps digital marketing is something you could handle in-house. But do you really want to spend time on it? If you have the budget, working externally is a valuable proposition. 

Marketing Agencies Can Help Your Business Through Crisis 

These aren’t easy times. That’s putting it mildly. But having the right people on your team or in your corner can make all the difference. That’s why it’s so vital to reach out to marketing companies in Boston or elsewhere to get a rundown of available services and to see if they have plans that fit within your marketing budget. If so, you could be well on your way toward establishing a fruitful working relationship that benefits you both financially in the long-run and ensures your company is officially speaking in a sensitive way that meets the needs of the current realities of the world. 

There’s no need to navigate this alone. Especially when so many qualified and knowledgeable professionals are out there who can light the way. 

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