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Business Growth Platform Specifically Designed for Small Businesses

Business Growth Platform Specifically Designed for Small Businesses

The way business works is changing, and it’s touching every company out there, big or small. Small businesses, in particular, have to figure out how to ride the wave of these new trends to stay sharp and competitive. It’s not easy, though, especially when you’re trying to grow your small business in an economy that’s as unpredictable as ever. And if you don’t have all the right tools in your toolbox, it can feel like you’re tackling an uphill battle.

What if you had the opportunity to use tools that most large brands and businesses use to find and nurture leads, create, and maintain long customer relationships, and grow your business, but at a fraction of the cost? This article will introduce WDB’s new digital marketing platform Hi5, with practical tips, and strategies to enhance your business and operations. Welcome to a realm where professional efficiency meets cost-effectiveness.

Assess Current Operations

Before we get to the meat of the matter, let’s talk about assessing your current operations. Did you know that Approximately 33% of small businesses fail in the first two years, 50% fail within five years, and 33% make it to 10 years and further? According to multiple reports, the most common reasons small businesses fail include a lack of capital or funding, retaining an inadequate management team, a faulty infrastructure or business model, and unsuccessful marketing initiatives. 

Questioning your position is the first step to improving your performance. How your business operates might need an overhaul to reach your financial and operational goals. 

Clearly Define Objectives

You need to create some operational objectives based on your current business position. HubSpot defines operational objectives as “attainable, action-oriented, short-term goals organizations set and accomplish as a means of partially achieving larger, long-term objectives. They typically consist of specific daily, weekly, or monthly tasks that — when executed together — contribute to a successful broader goal.” 

Take a good look at what your day-to-day looks like. Could you simplify the way you receive and handle customer queries? What does your lead generation process look like? Are they qualified leads or are you spending time searching? Maybe the way you market your product or service doesn’t align with your target market. 

WDB Agency’s digital solution helps your small business attract new customers and grow through better-targeted prospecting. Hi5, is a groundbreaking platform that redefines digital solutions. With an array of cutting-edge features designed to elevate your business, Hi5 stands as the ultimate solution for efficiency, engagement, and growth.

With Hi5, your operational goals can be tailored to your overall business goals. Improving sales and qualified leads, better customer experience, building or improving your reputation. We’ll discuss how this new platform can help you reach those milestones.  

Streamline Your Process With the Dashboard

Information is key. Especially information that drives your decision-making process. Many small businesses use multiple tools to manage operations. The Hi5 dashboard is an excellent tool that creates a visual representation of operations. The dashboard displays important metrics like the number of opportunities in the accounts pipeline, the potential value of those opportunities, the conversion rate, as well as visual representations of the data. 

The fill prospect view allows you to view reports and metrics from connected Google Business and Facebook pages, including reputation reports that pull from the Google and Facebook reviews. We’ll investigate the tool that enables you to manage and request reviews from your customers.

While the dashboard covers quite a bit, let’s go into some of the other tools to help you improve customer experience. 

Improve Customer Communication and Relationship


As a small business, missing calls while handling other customers is vital to your lead generation and customer nurturing process. Give your customers the attention they deserve

When a business gives a caller the option to get on with their day with the promise of a callback, the customer’s perception of that business trends positively, and wait times are perceived differently. The more control a business provides, the greater the customer’s satisfaction score.

The Hi5’s Powercall feature is a user-friendly phone feature designed to enhance your company’s effectiveness by reaching out to potential customers who have called your business. This functionality enables swift and automated texting in response to missed calls, ensuring that you seize every opportunity to engage with potential customers during their critical moments of need. 


Did you know that 52% of customers prefer a live chat? The immediacy of the response time is one of the most significant benefits of live chat. Like the PowerCall feature, you can reach more customers with a better response rate. Interested customers will likely use a chat feature to get more information before scheduling a consultation or purchasing a product. 

We have moved into the era of AI and what better way for your small business to take advantage of this evolution? Large corporations can invest in smart systems that help increase their customer loyalty. Bear in mind that this is an AI-powered virtual assistant that enhances user interactions. From answering inquiries to guiding users through complex processes, the SmartChatbot delivers instant, accurate, and personalized responses 24/7.

Reputation Management

Reviews help businesses grow. Potential customers rely heavily on what others have to say about a product or service. People are more likely to feel confident in where they spend their money. Documented reviews remove the guesswork about a preview experience. Reviews help you identify common trends and how you stack up against competitors.  Brand recognition is instrumental for SEO and growth. 

Customer loyalty is the backbone of many small businesses. Your reputation precedes you, and Hi5 knows the importance of maintaining a stellar online image. Effortlessly monitor and manage your brand’s perception across various platforms, ensuring that your reputation remains untarnished and positively influential.

Increase Technological Integrations

New technology can be expensive for a small to medium-sized business. But the hi5 platform’s affordability with high returns is a great addition to your operations.  With the increase in mobile operations, such as improving inventory management, POS systems, and adding CRM tools. In addition, access to data analytics can help you identify areas in your business that require attention. 

The CRM: You can forge stronger relationships with your customers using Hi5‘s CRM tool & custom dashboard tailored to your business. From tracking interactions to analyzing customer behavior, Hi5‘s CRM empowers you to tailor your approach and build lasting connections that drive growth.

The Extras

The Hi5 Platform is an engaged business partner whose function points you in the right direction. You can create promotions and new products, or service launches with custom landing pages. A dedicated page allows you to seamlessly target specific costumes with a targeted campaign.  

To fully engage with your customers, a dedicated social media management tool is easily accessible. You can schedule months’ worth of content to accompany your campaigns and engage with your followers, which in turn increases and improves your online presence. 

What Next?

 The best thing about this, we handle the leg work. We’ll set up and launch your platform specific to your needs.  We will also train you and your staff to use the tools you selected and there is ongoing support should you need a little help along the way. Having a well-trained staff, including yourself when handling a new system is crucial to improving operational efficiency. 

Your business growth and longevity depend on the steps you are willing to take. Improving certain aspects of your business can yield improved customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as improved profitability. The Hi5 platform is an ecosystem of marketing tools designed to move your business forward. 

Are you ready to take the next step? Watch the demo and/or schedule a call with our team to get started. 

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