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How Brands Leverage Ever Growing Appetite For Video

How Brands Leverage Ever Growing Appetite For Video

It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise. YouTube is now the second-largest search engine on the web. While video marketing is often an afterthought, it needs to play an important role in your outreach and campaign efforts. If you are still hesitant to this idea, consider this: A Facebook executive predicted that the platform will be all video in less than five years. Also Hubspot’s content trends report establishes a very strong preference for video, especially for a brand or business.

Let’s dive into some examples of brands using video content

Adidas will create 30,000 videos at 2018 Boston Marathon

On April 16 the weather wasn’t cooperating with the spirit of Boston Marathon runners. Rain, wind and low temperatures affected both the crowd and the participants. However, this did not stop Adidas from capturing the footage from around the course. Individual footage was taken at the 15K mark and at the finish line. Here is the link to the Adidas Here To Create Legend website.

Runners will receive an email to access their personalized videos within hours following the marathon. Videos also will be available on the campaign’s website. Adidas is planning to use the video in their ads and future marketing efforts.

Beautiful or Average?

Dove is at it again. They crafted an amazing video campaign focusing less on the product but on their mission and encouraged the community to take part. Dove created emotional viral videos showcasing unique personal stories that make customers feel recognized and important.

Meet the Makers

Intel “Meet the Makers” is set of inspirational videos that profile a person around the world who created a breaking technology using Intel processors. Videos deliver a story of change that was possible by using Intel’s technology. One of the stories is about Shubham Banerjee, 8th grader and inventor who built a low-cost Braille printer using Intel Edison technology to help give over 200 million blind people an affordable way to read.

BuzzFeed and Puppyhood

BuzzFeed and Purina teamed up to create a series of adorable branded videos that have generated an impressive number of views on the Web. Videos are about a man who adopts and raises a puppy Chloe. Series are meant to be entertaining and fun short videos that touch on all aspects of owning a puppy such as chewing on furniture, creating a mess and keeping you up all night. Story tellers did a great job showing the product in the context of an average customer’s daily life without making it feel like an advertisement.


With 71% of consumers watching more video online, brands and businesses can no longer ignore its growing popularity. To be effective you need to connect your brand and message with your audience, focusing on the story of your customer. Find out how people are using your product or service in their daily lives and share their inspiring stories with the world through video. It’s time to make video a key part of your overall marketing strategy!

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