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Broad Institute is empowering a revolution in biomedicine to accelerate the pace at which the world conquers disease. Collaborating deeply.

The decoding of the human genome sparked a revolution in how we understand human health and disease.

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The Challenge

When you’re a global center for genomic research, complexity comes with the territory. For the Broad Institute, this means delivering complicated information to a long list of stakeholders. Researchers in medicine, biology, chemistry, computation, engineering, and mathematics from across MIT and Harvard, all have a stake in its work. Delivering a website experience that meets the needs of these users is a real challenge and creative opportunity.

Broad Institute website development project

The Solution

Responding to this opportunity, we examined each of the content components that make up the Broad Institute’s ecosystem and then assembled them into a user experience that matches the browsing and exploration habits specific to audiences.

Our goal was to transform the website into a dynamic, evergreen media experience – an effort that required precise alignment between product strategy, content strategy, modular visual and user experience design, and a powerful CMS capable of supporting it all.  Through a modular design system, WDB Agency provided Broad Institute with a library of over 30 different modules that can be used and reused on any page to build interactive and unique user experiences to create a scientific narrative on scale.

Admins can feature and related content through taxonomy – arranging these into a narrative outline of each page. Individual components can also be pulled out and used as enticing entry points in feature areas across the site. Integration with Google Search API provides targeted indexing and content visibility based on relevant real-time results.

The minimalistic design won numerous awards and was mentioned by leading design boards including Design Rush.

Broad Institute

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Broad Institute of MIT website development project
Broad Institute of MIT website development project

Project Success

Session duration up 628%

Organic traffic up 103.4%

Bounce rate decreased to 23%

90% of our customers come back, 95% of new customers are referrals and 100% have credited our work and exceptional service.