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The Challenge

Commonwealth Veterinary Hospital first opened its doors in Newton, Massachusetts in 1939. New ownership then took over the hospital in 2007. For ten years the website didn’t change. It was dated and needed more than just a facelift. It needed to tell the story of why Commonwealth was different from other veterinary hospitals in the Boston area. They approached WDB with the task of reinventing their online presence and website redesign overhaul. 

Commonwealth’s team really cares about their clients and they love what they do. They go the extra mile and know their clients’ names just by the sound of their voice. Commonwealth is very active in the shelter community and they wanted to showcase their expertise in a wide variety of specialty services as well as communicate to the local community their love and passion for what they do – day in and day out. We wanted to build a website that expressed these positive attributes of the hospital and highlight their team and their love for animals.

Commonwealth Vet website development project

The Solution

From the start, we worked with the team and delved into the discovery process to uncover what really mattered to the clients who were coming to the Commonwealthwebsite. We also understood quickly that their clients were either new pet owners who needed the guidance and mentorship in training and raising great, healthy pets or legacy pet owners who have recently changed pet hospitals or just moved to the area. They were all looking for engaging and educational content when coming to the Commonwealth website. From these sessions, a blog entitled the Vet Files was born.

We wanted to highlight the amazing team, showcasing members with their pets and an in-depth bio. We also uncovered the need for a New Puppy and New Kitten Guide that Commonwealth could share with prospective clients and patients. The ease of setting up an appointment online was essential as well as providing some tips and tricks for their clients to reduce common questions on the front end. The end result was a clean, sleek and bright design that contained a simple site map and navigation with soft calls to action for a positive and engaging user experience.

Commonwealth Vet website development project

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Project Success

Website Conversions up 218%

Organic Traffic up 104%

Bounce rate decreased to 37%

90% of our customers come back, 95% of new customers are referrals and 100% have credited our work and exceptional service.