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The Challenge

Entrepreneurs… They are not like other people. They are the innovators of new ideas and business processes. It takes a special person to become an Entrepreneur. We say this with love, because well, we are entrepreneurs ourselves. When we started building the site for Sigma Prime Ventures, we knew it had to speak directly to the unique needs of their community. It has to be to-the-point, beautifully designed and highly functional.

We also wanted to bring more attention to one of the most valuable, but underutilized features of organization, the Sigma Prime Fellowship Program. Bringing on board unique individuals in the Boston area who could be founders of new technology ventures or become significant contributors to a company within the Sigma Portfolio was a high priority for their future, and they wanted to make it easier for entrepreneurs to discover, collaborate and grow with them.

Sigma Prime Enterprise Website Development and Design Project

The Solution

Our first step was reaching out to Sigma Prime Venture’s clients, having in-depth conversations with them in order to better understand what they were looking for when coming to the website. We then talked with members of the leadership team to discover what was working, but more importantly what was missing. We compared feedback we received from the website’s Google Analytics performance data, performed an audit of the site’s performance then compared it to what we researched within industry standards as well as analyzing their competition to ensure we weren’t missing any opportunities.

One of the goals was to showcase their portfolio of past and current investments, share news, upcoming events as well as introducing their blog to the entrepreneur community. When we started the design phase, we had a vivid strategy and we were able to design website that was tailor fit for their users. The end result…The ultimate online destination for entrepreneurs.

Sigma Prime Enterprise Website Development and Design Project

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Sigma Prime Enterprise Website Development and Design Project
Sigma Prime Enterprise Website Development and Design Project

Project Success

Website Conversions up 283%

Organic Traffic Increased by 68%

Bounce Rate Decreased to 21%

90% of our customers come back, 95% of new customers are referrals and 100% have credited our work and exceptional service.