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Sensing, Perception, Autonomy, and Robot Kinetics

Cutting edge robotics and autonomous systems research for airspace and ground applications

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The Challenge

The MIT SPARK (Sensing, Perception, Autonomy, and Robot Kinetics) Lab, directed by Professor Luca Carlone, works at the bleeding edge of robotics and autonomous systems research for air, space, and ground applications. The lab develops the algorithmic foundations of robotics through the innovative design, rigorous analysis, and real-world testing of algorithms for single and multi-robot systems.

MIT Spark Labs was looking for logo that would be as unique as their work and research. Logo also had to be designed in two formats to work equally well on black and white surfaces. 

Spark Lab MIT

The Solution

WDB design team started the project with research. We learned about the technology and projects that Spark Lab was working on. Very cool by the way!! As next step, we developed some initial drawings ideas for logo design candidates. This process led us to the idea of a 3D cube shape that also looks like a spark.

As we were moving forward, team started to explore font types that would work well with the 3D spark shape and landed on sci-fi unique fonts.

The finalized logo is a unique combination of 3D shapes and fonts that truly represent the cutting-edge work that Spark Lab is doing.

Spark Lab MIT

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Spark Lab MIT

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