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The Challenge

Kailos Genetics is part of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Kailos Genetics provides a wide range of services, including individual genetic testing and scientific research.

WDB started working with Kailos at the beginning of the year with a goal to create an enterprise-level e-commerce platform to help the team provide genetic testing services to the public as well as partner with businesses and healthcare systems. Integrations with Kailos Genetics internal project management and tracking system and Salesforce were essential to the project.

“We needed a scalable integrated solution… with a high level of flexibility. WDB team was able to provide both flexible and beautiful solution.” Troy Moore (CSO).

Kailos Genetics website development project

The Solution

The process began by looking into the four major personas that Kailos was trying to reach and build customized checkout workflows for each group. We selected Drupal commerce as a platform to build the new scalable solution. One of the unique features we built is a dynamic custom landing checkout pages for Kailos Genetics’s partners. This feature allows Kailos team build partner checkout workflows on the fly in matter of minutes combining product with visuals and content.

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